Safe, Natural, Effective Weight Loss

Is your Weight Loss Plan failing you? GOOD NEWS! WE CAN HELP!

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Let me tell you what its NOT:


Not strictly eating less and exercising more
Not calorie or point counting
Not packaged meals (loaded with preservatives)
Not hours of sweaty exercise
Not drugs, surgery or shots

Our program is called Alpha Weight Loss and we're not like the rest! Other weight loss plans are simply about cutting calories and exercising more. If this were the best approach, would there still be 60% of us overweight? With our plan, there is minimal exercise required.  We are using some advanced techniques that get tremendous results.

RESULTS GUARANTEED:  We provide a conditional money back guarantee.  Basically, if you do the program as instructed and you do not lose weight, you get your money back.  Results vary.

Wendy lost 49 pounds, 29 inches and 10% body fat! She dropped from a size 16 to a size 10!

Did you know there are six fat burning hormones and three fat storing hormones? Are yours working correctly? If not, WE CAN HELP! 

Jenni lost 20 pounds in four weeks and Donna lost 15 pounds in four weeks.

Health Risks:

What is more valuable than your health? There are numerous health risk factors for overweight people. They include Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Stroke, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, and Cancer just to name a few.  It makes sense to treat the weight problem and have many of these problems/risk factors go away.

Holiday Weight Gain:

Have you diagnosed yourself with "Holiday Weight Gain"? Are you eating too much sugar? Some say sugar is like poison to our bodies.

Shannon lost 25 pounds and 5% body fat in four weeks and Tina lost 18 pounds in four weeks!

Toward Better Health:

On our plan, not only will you lose weight, but also many patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood sugar problems see drastic improvement in these areas. Other potential problems are prevented.

(There have been published research articles involving patients using these products (Purification Program) where ALL subjects lowered their weight, total cholesterol, LDL(bad cholesterol) , triglycerides(fat) and even ESR (an indicator of inflammation).


Tim lost 30 pounds, 8 inches and 8% body fat in six weeks.

Most people want to lose weight to either LOOK BETTER or GET HEALTHY. Wouldn't it be nice if your clothes fit? Dress sizes drop and waistlines shrink! This program is great for Men AND Women!

Don't be a Yo-Yo:

This program is unique because it lowers and resets your body's set point. That is your body's natural healthy body weight. This helps you to MAINTAIN your weight loss after you are done. TIRED of fad diets? STOP Yo-Yo-ing! GET STARTED TODAY! CALL 336-545-7970 to schedule your appointment.

RESULTS GUARANTEED:  We provide a conditional money back guarantee.  Basically if you do the program as instructed and do not lose weight, you get your money back. Results vary.

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Dan lost 35 lbs., 7% body fat and 17.5 inches!


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