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Do You Suffer from "Chirophobia"?

Posted on 01-14-2015

Do You Suffer From “Chirophobia”? First, let’s define “Chirophobia”.  It is the unhealthy, unscientific and unnecessary fear of chiropractic care or chiroprac...

Should you take a statin drug?

Posted on 12-23-2014

Should you take a statin drug?  That is a question that you have to answer for yourself. Here is some information you should consider.  Virtually every cell in the body has a membrane a...

Alpha Weight Loss

Posted on 12-12-2014

According to NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) approximately 32.7% of US adults 20 years of age and older are overweight , 34.3 % are obese and 5.9% are extremely obese. &...

Who are the healthiest people on the planet?

Posted on 10-29-2014

The healthiest people on the planet are the ones that 1.)  eat right (there is much to be said about how to do this) 2.)  exercise regularly( to define that, moderate activity for abou...

Dr. Jeff & His Team Are Your Source for Greensboro Chiropractic

Posted on 11-17-2011

Have headaches, neck pain and back pain got you down? Is your experience of pain keeping you from participating in the activities you love most? Don't let pain keep you from your life. Let Dr. Jeff he...

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