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Neck Pain ia a Pain in the Neck

Posted on 11-23-2015

Have you ever thought about how important your neck is to your entire body?  Think about it for a moment.  Obviously, your neck holds up your head, your brain, your ability to send messages(...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted on 09-22-2015

What is carpal tunnel syndrome, you ask?  It is the resulting set of symptoms when the median nerve gets pinched in the wrist.  It can hit you with pain, numbness, tingling and/or weakness i...

Are You Fit While You Sit?

Posted on 07-21-2015

Are you suffering from low back pain in Greensboro?  Low back pain is a common complaint for those that sit for long periods of time.  A majority of employees work at a desk and are unable t...

Peripheral Neuropathy

Posted on 04-28-2015

Peripheral neuropathy is most often characterized by pain and/or numbness or tingling in an extremity or extremities.  It is more common in the lower extremities and the numbness is typically mor...


Posted on 03-10-2015

Do you have sciatica or do you know someone that does?  It is a pain! Sometimes there is numbness.  It shoots down the leg to varying distances or sometimes the foot is numb.  It needs ...

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