Is Exercise Important for Weight Loss in Cary NC?


How many fat Olympic athletes have you seen? Not many, right? At Alpha Health Center in Cary NC, we focus on the nutrition component of weight loss through our multiple different diet plans that we have to choose from.

Later, in the program, we can help you to improve your workouts in Cary NC. Dr. Jeff is certified as a Personal Trainer and he has a great deal of knowledge on the subject to help you customize your exercise routine IF you want it. We also offer Virtual Personal Training.

Exercise is For More Than Just Weight Loss in Cary NC

The word "exercise" in America is often assigned the connotation 'antidote for fat' and that is just not a healthy way of thinking because physical activity is really just part of life. In fact, 80% of the tissues in the body are part of the locomotive or musculoskeletal system, which is the muscles and bones and connective tissues, etc.

Walking is just the bare minimum for exercise. The human body needs more than just that, ideally. Make your activities fun and set goals. Frequency is one of the most important aspects. Everyone can carve out an hour in their day for doing something physical that they enjoy.


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