blood sugar and diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Simply put it is nerve damage and it is typically characterized by pain and/or paresthesia (numbness and / or tingling). It commonly leads to balance problems and possibly other neurologic symptoms.

There may be over one hundred causes, but I will just list the top 5 most common: diabetes, chemotherapy, spinal stenosis/failed back surgery/pinched nerve, statin drug consumption, and alcoholism.

Let's talk about tests first. There are many neurologic tests a doctor may do in exam, such as reflexes and pinwheel for sensitivity. The doctor may order EMG(ElectroMyoGram) or NCV(NerveConductionVelocity) where an uncomfortable current is run through the area and the speed of nerve conduction is measured. Not fun. Then, once a diagnosis of Neuropathy is reached, the standard medications are prescribed and they may at best decrease the symptoms a bit and do nothing toward healing the nerves as these are "off label" uses for the medications. Generally, doctors counsel their patients that the Rx. may help some, but they just have to live with it. Then, they up the dose and hence the side effects worsen. Time goes by and then you may need a cane, then a walker, then a wheelchair. Over 70,000 Americans have amputations done annually. Not fun.

The medications may , at best, mask the symptoms, but they do nothing to heal the nerve.

Our approach is multifaceted and includes several treatments during weekly visits and 2 different pieces of medical equipment that the patient uses at home for as long as needed. This is a huge benefit of our program. You do not have to travel for each treatment. You do it at home. Further information on this is proprietary. Treatment programs are tailored on a case by case basis.

YES! We see over a 90% success rate. Our patients are very happy with the relief they get, even if they don't become teenagers again.


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