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Teddy was hurt pretty bad, but he is healing. LOL. We treat auto accident injuries, too.

Teddy Bear

"I had been having stiffness in my neck, especially in the mornings, was having 2-3 headaches per week and sciatic pain when I rode in the car for more than an hour. It had bothered me for about five years and had been almost unbearable for the last two years. For the past two years my neck was so stiff that I had to lie in a bathtub filled with hot water and Epsom salt every morning just so that I could move my head and start my day. If the stiffness didn't go away soon enough, I would have a headache all day! I had been to a chiropractor before, but it had been a while. Dr. Jeff was compassionate and professional. After getting adjusted and having some therapy, I can actually get up in the mornings and take a shower instead of a bath! There is no more stiffness or catches in my neck, not even in the mornings! My headaches have reduced to about twice a month! Chiropractic is Life Saving!"

- Angel W.

"I was in a car accident and was having headaches, tingling in my hands, heartburn and back pain. I went to my medical doctor but he wasn't able to help me. I couldn't do everything I wanted to because of the pain. After seeing Dr. Jeff, I noticed improved energy, fewer headaches and my heartburn practically disappeared. I even discontinued my heartburn medicine."

- Matt B.

"I was overweight and have been unable to lose weight on my own. The extra weight slowed me down. I didn't have as much strength or stamina as I used to. I wanted professional help and encouragement and I felt that I would get that at Dr. Jeff's office. When I came in, I was impressed by Dr. Jeff. He is a doctor with genuine concern for his patient's well being. He evaluated me and provided educational material. I began losing weight right away. I lost pounds and inches with more to go for my ultimate goal. The program was clearly helpful with weight loss. I lost close to 30 pounds in just 6 weeks!"

- Tim M.

"I had severe sciatic pain going down my left leg and into my toes. I wasn't able to do anything! I tried to continue working, but the pain was so severe all I could do was drag my left leg. I thought I could go to my doctor and get a quick fix, but the medicine they gave me didn't touch the pain. I was told that back surgery was the only thing that would fix me. I didn't want surgery so I came to see Dr. Jeff after a co-worker recommended him to me. I had no idea I would get the results I've gotten. After I started my treatments, I was impressed with my results. I was back to normal much quicker than I expected, and I don't need back surgery! I am proof that Chiropractic makes a difference!"

- Mattie F.

"I had severe back pain going down my right leg for two years. I also had headaches and numbness in my hands. It was hard to move. I had pain all the time. Dr. Jeff came to my work and did a spinal screening. I hadn't been to a chiropractor in over 30 years. I decided to come in and get checked. Dr. Jeff and his staff were pleasant and welcoming. Dr. Jeff showed me how my hips and neck were out of line. I am much improved in just three months!I am able to move easily and my headaches are almost gone."

- Brian C.

"I had neck pain that was going down into my right arm and hand. I could not work, raise my right arm or turn my head! After just a little over a month of treatment, I am almost pain free and I have full range of motion again! All this with no surgery!"

- Dennis B.

Weight Loss Testimonials

*The following are testimonial results collected from my patients over the past 10 years. We typically monitor the patient's weight, per cent body fat via bioelectric impedance and inches as a personal trainer would do arm, chest, waist, hips and thigh). For most of them I relate all 3 of these here. Many times, blood pressure comes down and lab values improve, such as A1C dropping. Permission was given by all to share although it is just first names. Keep in mind that we use multiple different approaches and that everyone did not do the same thing.

Michael lost 120 pounds.

Tim lost 30 pounds, 8% and 19 inches in 6 weeks.

Leigh lost 44 pounds, 7% body fat and 29 inches.

Dan lost 35 pounds, 7% body fat and 17 inches.

Kitty lost 60 pounds, 6% body fat and 25 inches in less than 6 months.

Calvin lost 44 pounds, 6% body fat and 15 inches. His A1C dropped from 10 to 5 in a few months.

James lost 30 pounds and his A1C and blood pressure came down.

John lost 52 pounds.

Gary lost 54 pounds, 5% body fat and 24 inches in 12 weeks.

Tracy lost 82 pounds in 4 months.

Mike lost 30 pounds and 9 inches in 7 weeks.

Glen lost 20 pounds and 5 inches.

Robin lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks.

Gary (#2) lost 7 pounds in one day. (this was probably not just fat weight)

Terri lost 35 pounds, 5% body fat, dropped 6 BMI points and 17 inches.

Randy lost 27 pounds and 12 inches.

Victoria lost 25 pounds.

Wendy lost 48 pounds, 5% body fat, and 24 inches in 6 months.

Marite lost 27 pounds, 4% body fat in just 30 days.

Hunter lost 24 pounds, 4% body fat and 13 inches in 4 weeks.

Vincent lost 25 pounds, 3% body fat and 9 inches in 6 weeks.

Shannon lost 25 pounds, 5% body fat and 10 inches in 4 weeks.

Allison lost 33 pounds, 5% body fat and 19 inches.

Paul lost 34 pounds, 7% body fat and 17 inches.

Matt lost 60 pounds, 5% body fat, and 20 inches,

Neal lost 63 pounds.

April lost 42 pounds, 7% body fat and 30 inches.

Francis lost 35 pounds, 6 % body fat and 21 inches.

Corrie lost 45 pounds in 8 weeks.

Marsha lost 22 pounds and 8 inches and cholesterol dropped 26


Lewis lost 43 pounds, 7 % body fat and 20 inches.

Betty lost 23 pounds and 13 inches.

Kent lost 33 pounds and 13 inches.

Lucy lost 17 pounds and 11 inches.

John lost 75 pounds.

Sheila lost 50 pounds.

Kevin lost 54 pounds and 9 inches.

Leah lost 37 pounds, 7% body fat and 17 inches.

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