The Psychological Effects of Obesity in Cary NC

The Psychological Effects of Obesity in Cary NC

The Psychological Effects of Obesity in Cary NC

What you see on the outside of someone who is overweight or obese in Cary NC is only a small part of the equation. Much of the time, it is the psychological and social effects that are even more damaging than the physical ones. Obesity has been linked to health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea, but it is also linked to several psychological issues that can have profound effects on your happiness and quality of life. Our Cary NC weight loss team is here to help you with some of the problems that can affect your life with obesity include.

Low Self-Esteem

Quite often, people that are obese have a poor self-image and suffer from low self-esteem. When you start feeling as if you aren’t worthy of good jobs, friends, relationships, and other things in life, your confidence erodes to the point that you want to hide away from the world. Tying your self-worth to the size of your waistline is a dangerous practice, but one that a high percentage of obese people participate in on a daily basis.

Anxiety Issues in Cary NC

Anxiety disorders are another common psychological effect of obesity. Anyone that has suffered from any degree of anxiety knows how debilitating it can be, and when it is tied to your weight, it is just as bad, or worse. Whether it is a general anxiety about daily life or full-on panic attacks, it can paralyze your social and professional life.


Obesity and depression have been closely linked for some time, and in a way, the self-esteem issues and anxiety brought on by obesity can all contribute to clinical depression. In a University of Wisconsin-Madison study, researchers found that participants with BMI greater than 35 had the highest rates of clinical depression.

Effects on Daily Life

Not surprisingly, many obese people tend to stay away from social situations where they fear they might be judged, or where they will judge themselves. They may end up with eating disorders and use that food for comfort when they feel depressed or alone. If you are obese, those self-conscious feelings may prevent you from riding on buses, going to movies, seeking dates, going to parties, and especially going out to eat in public.

It is important to seek help if you are overweight and feel the psychological strain. Whether that help is from a weight loss professional or a psychiatric professional, it is important to take some kind of action so you can get the help you need and pull yourself out of it.

Don't let obesity in Cary NC control your life. Our team at Alpha Health Center is here to help.


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